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Secluded swimming lagoons, gardens with papaya and bananas, miles of unspoiled beaches and cliffs, dazzling bougainvillea and hibiscus, a staff that caters to your wishes, ideal snorkeling reefs and spectacular sunsets - no discos - no traffic!!!  A Caribbean island at the turn of the century??  No, this is Lookout Cove in the small village of Little Bay on the sunny southwestern tip of Jamaica TODAY!

Welcome to Little Bay! 
Located 10 miles from the famous town of Negril and only a scenic 1-1/2 hour drive from the Montego Bay airport, it is a quiet fishing village with two sandy beaches separated by a half mile of low cliffs.  A short walk from either beach lays Lookout Cove, situated on its own private 3½ acres of tropical splendor next to the sea.

Lookout Cove is very private and removed from the onslaughts of commercial tourism.  The only people you need to see are Shorty, Margaret, Niah and Senty, who are more like family than staff.  They cook whatever you wish, clean, show you the village, and make sure that there are always fresh flowers in your bedroom.  If one wants to venture out, there are caves to explore in Little Bay, deep-sea fishing and miles of deserted beaches within minutes.  The native fishermen are more than happy to sell you lobster or tuna right from their dugout canoes.  The restaurants, shops and nightlife of Negril are also nearby should you get the urge to join the maddening crowds.